Our Mission

At Concept Connections we take a holistic approach to behavioral health treatment. By collaborating with parents, therapists, private schools, school districts and other therapeutic paradigms we are able to offer assistance where you need us the most. By concentrating on the individual as a whole we guide and prepare them for their life.

We are focused on teaching the individual how to learn from the natural environment, relate to others and regulate and express their thoughts and emotions. By centering on these foundational skills, we encourage and facilitate meaningful connections with family and community.

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Concept Connections ABA Therapy Texas Autism Education

Core Values

Respect: Always treat the individual, family, and other practitioners with respect and professionalism in every interaction, taking into account each individual’s goals and desires.

Collaboration: We are always willing to work towards a common goal, with like-minded professionals to find the best solution.

Innovation: Treatment goals and procedures are highly individualized. We challenge each other to seek alternate solutions and always push to innovate new ways of tackling a challenge. We know that every person reaches their goals by taking their own unique path, we want to help you find it.

Inclusive: Our goal is to get our clients meaningfully involved in their family life, school, and community. The acquisition of new skills is always exciting, having them applied in the real world gives them depth and meaning.

Concept Connections ABA Therapy Texas Autism Education Jenny Keese

“My favorite part of my work is personally getting to know each client and family, being a part of a passionate and dedicated team of a people, and helping others to lead more meaningful, fulfilling lives. I am passionate about the field of autism and A.S.D. is personal to me with three family members on the spectrum.”

Meet The Director

Jenny Keese, M. Ed, BCBA


Jennifer Keese is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Certified Autism Specialist who has gained fifteen years of experience providing services to individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. She has provided services based in clinical, home, classroom, residential group, hospital and community settings throughout Texas and Oklahoma; also provided classroom consultation, professional trainings for school districts, and individual educational evaluations. She has been an invited speaker at local universities, national and international organizations presenting on topics such as executive functioning, advanced social cognition, how to teach advanced language skills, and behavior management. Recently, she was an invited speaker at the Autism One conference in Chicago and the Autism Education Summit hosted by Generation Rescue.

Jennifer Keese attended the University of Houston for her B.A. in Psychology, and the University of North Texas for her M.Ed. in Special Education. She currently holds a Certification in Behavior Analysis, an Autism Specialist Certificate, and Safety Care Trainer certification.

Keese has extensive experience in developing programs related to language development, flexible thinking, advanced cognitive and social behaviors, academics, self-monitoring, as well as treatment of severe aggression, self-injury and vocational training. She has published articles related to Autism, puberty, the development and understanding of abstract language for individuals on the spectrum.

Keese is a member of Texas Association of Behavior Analysis (TxABA), the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts (APBA), the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI), a member of the North Texas Autism special interest group and is a charter member of the Texas Behavior Analysis Public Policy Group. She is also currently the Owner and Executive Director of Concept Connections LTD, a clinical practice dedicated to the treatment of autism and other developmental disabilities across the lifespan.